Tailor-Made Marketing

An individual identity, brochure and video slideshow to reflect the unique character of your home…

At Lex Allan and Lex Allan Grove Estate Agents we enjoy ‘doing things differently’, so we’ve created a new premium service for our clients - ‘Tailor-Made Marketing’.

For every residential sales property listed, we already create an online brochure and video photo slideshow that are added to the website and shared across social media. With Tailor-Made Marketing, our dedicated Marketing Department will create an individual identity for your home, reflecting its unique character or special features. The theme of this identity is then applied to a ’Tailor-Made’ premium brochure and video photo slideshow to highlight your property across all of our marketing channels.

When you sign up for Tailor-Made Marketing, your property will also be included on our Featured Properties on our website’s home page, highlighting it even more to potential buyers.

If you are interested in using our Tailor-Made Marketing service, please do no hesitate to call us on 01384 442464 for Stourbridge, 0121 550 5400 for Halesowen and 01562 270270 for Hagley.

Here’s a few examples of this premium service already in action…

Belbroughton Road, Blakedown      Walton Hill Farm, Clent     Summervale Road, Hagley