First Class Review for the Hagley Office

"Lex Allan Grove Village in Hagley - An absolutely first class estate agent -
head and shoulders above the rest.

Lex Allan Grove at Hagley have proved beyond all my expectations why you should use this particular estate agent and why their services have given us the best house sale experience ever. The office utilises a single point of contact for the house sale process and we have found this to be a truly positive experience.

The wonderful staff at Lex Allan Grove, Hagley have been key to making their estate agent head and shoulders above all the rest. There is one lady in Hagley office who has first class professionalism, energy, enthusiasm, and brilliant communication skills. Thank you, Jenny.  It is rare to find a professional who has been able to understand and see the information needs of a third party objectively and to then to relay information detail in an effective timely way without breaching any confidentiality. Jenny has gone above and beyond so many times for us and we are truly grateful for her help, support and impartial advice.

We live a few hundred miles away from Hagley, and have had to rely on Lex Allan Grove making our house sale for us. Throughout this sale process Jenny updated us nearly daily. She notified us of what was about to happen, when it was to happen. She then communicated an overview of what had happened after the event, and what was likely to happen next at the end of every contact. This happened at every stage of the sale process, from viewings, accepting offers, supervising the mortgage valuation, the house surveys, and the specialist surveys. She communicated many times to each of all parties of an extended family with absolute enthusiasm and energy. Our messages were passed on to the buyer, and her negotiations with the buyer were timely and effective. She communicated to each of the solicitors involved when it was appropriate. She stayed late into the evening and completed calls, and reports. She let us know when she would be in the office, and when she would be absent. Without fail, if we made contact with her, either by email or answer machine she would contact us back the same day. Jenny helped us find temporary rental accommodation for a family member, helped us to get electrical and gas checks and at every step of the way reassured us that everything that could be done was being done. I am sure Jenny had many other properties under her remit, but it felt like we had a completely private personal assistant working alongside us throughout the time it took to sell our house.

This experience of using a hands-on estate agent has proved to me beyond all doubt that if you have a very good estate agent (rather than an online service) they are worth their weight in gold. We have received a gold standard service throughout and if there were another house sale in Hagley we would use no one else. The service we have received was such an amazing experience. I can think of few other times where there has been such an excellence in communication in my lifetime.

Thank you to everyone at Lex Allan Grove, Hagley and thank you Jenny."


Thank you Jane for this lovely testimonial. At Lex Allan and Lex Allan Grove Estate Agents, we aim for this level of service to be the norm, not the exception. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you make that next dream move, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

01562 270270 for Hagley, 01384 442464 for Stourbridge and 0121 550 5400 for Halesowen