To give you a sense of what we’re like to work with, we asked one of our clients, Darren Cutler of Eden Properties, to share his experiences…

What were you looking for in an agent and why did you choose us?

We had completed a few developments and were looking to use a different agent for our next project in Halesowen. We spoke to three or four companies, but it quickly became clear that you understood and had experience of marketing new build properties. It’s a very different beast selling off-plan with nothing concrete to show to buyers, and your team soon proved themselves more than capable. It’s a different skill-set.

Have you enjoyed working with us?

Absolutely. We clicked from the first meeting and, as we got to know all the team back in the office, it was clear to see that you all share a set of values and a way of working. Also, sometimes, you see the agency owner for the initial pitch and then you never see them again, but you are all very much involved in every stage of the process.

Tell us about your approach…

As a company, we often like to work alongside the agent and to take a hands-on role when it comes to the after-sales care. Lex Allan Grove understood exactly what we were trying to accomplish and you bent over backwards to accommodate this more collaborative way of working.

Similarly, when it comes to the marketing, we have our own views and our own opinions and it was particularly refreshing that we could all sit down as a team to get the results that we were all looking for.

Did the project present any challenges?

Not this particular site, but we have certainly had times where the build has been delayed for whatever reason and Lex Allan Grove have had to communicate that to the buyers.

It’s a tough thing to handle, but the team have always taken any challenge on the chin and their customer service is second-to-none. They know how to communicate with the buyers and manage their expectations.

And how has your working relationship with us developed?

We’re small to medium-sized house builder and are typically looking for sites that can accommodate anything from 10 to 30 properties. Over the past few years, we’ve developed a really strong relationship with the new homes team and they are constantly giving us decent sites to consider for future developments. That’s very rare among agents and for us, it’s very valuable.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lex Allan Grove to any developer or house builder. You ‘get’ what we’re trying to achieve, and it really feels as if you’re going to the extra mile to help us make it happen!

Darren Cutler
Eden Properties