Landlord Fees

Directors' Rental Guarantee

Our unique Directors’ Guarantee provides Landlords with complete peace of mind that they will always receive their rent.

Lex Allan have been in the lettings business for 30+ years and have an established reputation for introducing quality Tenants to quality properties.

Directors’ Rental Guarantee

1. Available from commencement of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement
     or mid-term.

2. The fee will be set at 2% plus VAT and will be deducted from the monthly
     rent passing.

3. Rent guaranteed for the lease duration or vacation of the tenant,
     whichever is sooner.

4. The net proceeds of the Tenants Deposit will be payable to Lex Allan in the event of a
     claim being made.

5. The Rental Guarantee will be effective from 10 days of the ’date of notification’ of
     the arrears arising.

6. A Rental Guarantee will not be payable if the rent is outstanding for reasons due
     to the Landlord.

7. The Rental Guarantee will have a maximum ceiling of £5000.

8. Lex Allan will have an overriding option to withhold the Guarantee Facility in
     certain circumstances – such as us not recommending that tenant.

9. The Rental Guarantee will not usually be available where rent is paid via
     Housing Benefit or where a tenant has a known history of rental arrears.

10. The Guarantee will include a ‘Right of Cancellation’ by either party subject
        to one month’s written notice.

11. The Rental Guarantee does not provide for financial reimbursement of any legal or
        professional fees that may be incurred in the recovery of rent, nor other costs
        associated with recovery of possession.

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