10 Point Pre-Sale Checklist

We can’t stress enough how important it is to present your property in the best possible light prior to offering it for sale.

The simple truth is that homes with great kerb appeal and homes that are super clean, well-maintained and have pleasing decor, sell faster and for more money than homes that don’t measure up.

It doesn’t need to cost you a fortune . . . just work your way through this checklist to be certain you are presenting your home at its very best.


Make a Good Impression

They say ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’, and never is this more true when selling your property. So often, homes are sold before the buyer has even walked through the front door, as impressions have been made by the initial appearance, area and location.

Your Front Door

Ensure that your front door is clean, recently decorated, easy to open (doesn’t stick in its frame) and, if appropriate, polish the door furniture. Always ensure there is either a door knocker or doorbell that works; there is nothing more frustrating to a purchaser than being left at the front door for an unnecessarily long time, wondering of the householder knows they are there!

Inside Your Home


There is a strong likelihood that more than one person at a time will come to view your property. Ensure the hallway is clear of furniture, coats, shoes and bags. Consider how you are going to deal with the initial ‘meet & greet’. We will advise you comprehensively.


Well in advance of any viewings, engage all the family in an exercise to de-clutter items in the home that are no longer needed. Resist the temptation to move non-essential items into storage areas. If viewers see cupboards, garages, outhouses and loft spaces full of stored items, their perception will be that there is poor storage provision with the property. Decluttering the house is important, but just as important are the garage, loft space and shed.

Spring Clean

We want buyers to look at the benefits of your property and not be distracted by cobwebs, dust and grimy marks in the kitchen or bathroom! Spring clean your house, furniture, sanitary ware and fabrics from top to bottom.

Preparation Makes Perfect

Before the viewers arrive, practise a ‘dry run’ viewing and consider the salient points that you wish to make at various parts of the house. As a guideline, consider the following:.

  • What have you done to the property since you have been there?
  • What would you have done had you stayed?
  • What appealed to you about the property when you bought it?
  • What have you found out about the property since your purchase that has been of great benefit?


The Garden

Keep the lawns regularly mowed, edges trimmed, flowerbeds weeded and shrubs pruned to ensure they do not overhang pathways. Remove any old or dying shrubs or bushes that significantly block out light or restrict views..

Add hanging baskets to brighten up elevations. Placing tubs strategically will eminently enhance initial impressions.

Thoroughly clean all your outdoor furniture and touch-up paint where needed. Check that house numbers or nameplates are clean and easily visible and exterior lighting is fully functional.

Selling Tips

There is a well-used sales adage: “Selling is not telling, it’s asking questions”. Before you launch into a barrage of detail, extolling the benefits of your property, try to find out a little about the prospective buyers (we will have done this to a degree on your behalf) and identify the features of your house that be particularly relevant to them.

Sometimes vendors find this ‘personal approach’ difficult and it is our expertise in this field that can frequently make a significant difference, not only in cultivating interest, but also securing ultimately the best sale price possible. If we are able to assess how well a property suits the personal needs of a prospective buyer, we can best judge how far we can push a purchaser in the course of subsequent negotiations. Do ask us to discuss the benefits of our accompanied viewing service.

Safety First

Envisage all areas prospective buyers will want to inspect and ensure these are free from hazards, slippery surfaces or sharp protruding objects. It would be disappointing if a buyer’s opinion was swayed because their shirt had been caught on a rose bush that hadn’t been pruned. If you have pets, ensure they are under control or off the premises during viewings. Not all of us are dog lovers!

Great Details Consolidate Deals

We will provide you with a stock of professionally printed sales particulars, which you will approve prior to printing. Every viewer should leave with a set of details so that they can ‘show off’ their prospective acquisition to friends and family. Purchasers usually seeks comfort and confirmation from those close to them when considering a proposition as important as their next home.